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About Gina Mitchell Designs

I am a knitter, weaver, beader, all around craft dabbler.  I can be distracted from any current project by the shiny, sparkly new thing. Can you relate?  If so, this website is the place for you.  I blog about whatever strikes my fancy, I will be making tutorials so you can learn with me. I have a shop where I sell many of my handmade creations. Currently, I offer several styles of beaded abacus counters for crafting, golfing, etc. I also sell hand woven accessories, knitted items, hand-beaded jewelry, stitch markers, pin-back buttons & magnets. Other items are added as the inspiration hits. It’s an eclectic mix yet somehow it all flows together.

About Me

I learned to knit as a young girl but never advanced past knitting garter stitch squares. I did not knit another stitch for nearly 40 years. One day I awoke with the urge to knit something, anything. I chose to knit a 7 foot long feather & fan lace afghan using a “how to knit” pamphlet. I was hooked. I found a local yarn store and began to experiment with yarns and patterns. I took classes whenever I could. This led to weaving, which was soon followed by making jewelry, beading and designing. I have always been an avid reader & learner. I love to share my enthusiasm with others.