10 Social Media Tips

Social Media is an important part of the world today. Here are 10 quick, simple social media tips to keep you from becoming that dreaded friend that steps over the simple lines of etiquette.

social media tips

10 Social Media Tips


  1. Don’t use all CAPS! This is the equivalent of shouting at your reader. You would be surprised at how many people this offends and they will call you out on it.
  2. Do not share someone’s post then proceed to make off topic comments on it. This is called hijacking a post. It is extremely rude. Why would you try to make someone else’s post all about you? If you have something off-topic to say…start your own post about it on your timeline.
  3. Think before you post. An hour from now, will you regret posting something that is now out in the wilds of the internet with no way of deleting it. Simply deleting your post does not mean that someone hasn’t already grabbed a screenshot of it. Once you post, you have no control over what others do with your post.
  4. Posting pictures of friends and tagging them without asking first is a serious faux pas. Many people are extremely uncomfortable with their picture being posted. Wouldn’t you hate to be the cause of trouble for a friend because of something you posted. It is far better to ask first than have to apologize later.
  5. Be mindful of your privacy settings. You can simply change the privacy settings for each post you make or you can set your overall privacy settings however you wish. Become familiar with the privacy settings for each social media platform. They all differ.
  6. Don’t let a someone’s post ruin your day. If a friend, relative or colleague continually shares items that upset you, at the minimum, hide their posts. You don’t have to unfriend or unfollow them. You can simply hide their posts from sight. This is much better than confronting them & causing issues outside of social media. That said, if the same person over shares things that you find offensive take action. A nice sequence is to 1) hide 2) un-follow 3) un-friend 4) block. Life is too short to let social media cause you grief.
  7. Get over yourself! If someone wants their social media to be full of happiness, food, flowers, puppies, kittens & babies. Let them. Likewise, if you want to be all gloom & doom on your posts, that is your right. Don’t criticize others over what they post. If you don’t like it…hide it! social media tips
  8. Spell-check AND proofread. We often make mistakes that are in actuality real words. Spell-check does not know what you intended to say. However, often times those words can change the meaning of your post…dramatically! Click here to see some hilarious examples of “Mom tweets”. (Caution! Do not open if you have no sense of humor or are easily offended by language). You do not want your message to end up on one of these infamous posts.
  9. Do not make vague posts about things no one else knows about or cares about. These look like you are begging someone to ask you about it. You don’t want to appear needy & self-centered.
  10. If someone “unfriends” or “unfollows” you. Let it go. It is just social media. No matter what the rest of the world thinks, it is not life & death. Social media is meant to be enjoyed  .social media tips

Illiana Yarn Crawl

Illiana Yarn Crawl

ILLIANA YARN CRAWL  Illiana Yarn Crawl

July 15 – July 24, 2016

10am – 5pm daily

Gather your friends & plan a road trip!

illiana yarn crawl

Passports are available for purchase at The Fiber Closet, on their website or from any of the participating crawl shops.

Click Here to —> Buy Now!

City Stitch Yarn Shop of Boonville, IN is the newest shop to join the list of participating shops. See list below.

Nine local yarn shops along the Illinois-Indiana state line are joining together for the Illiana Yarn Crawl.

Passports are only $10 each and entitle you to the following:

  • A 10% discount on regular priced items during a single shopping trip at each store. Some exclusions apply.
  • One official Illiana Yarn Crawl tote*
  • A special discount on the official IYC yarn* and a free pattern that complements the yarn.
  • Door prizes & drawings at The Fiber Closet. Most of the shops will have drawings but it is at the shop owners discretion.
  • Entry into the Crawl Prize drawings. The more shops you visit the greater the prizes you are eligible to win. I will have a list of prizes later.
  • The freebies you receive will more than cover the $10 passport fee.
  • The chance to road trip with friends, make new friends, discover and explore new towns & areas.

*(while supplies last)

Click Here to —>Buy NOW!

Visit the Illiana Yarn Crawl website for more in-depth details.

Be sure to like the Facebook page to keep up with all the fun through pictures and posts from fellow crawlers.


Participating shops:


You might be asking why I am promoting the yarn crawl.  My connection is through The Fiber Closet. I sell many of my handmade products in the shop. I help out there occasionally since 5-6 days a week is a lot of time for anyone to maintain a shop single-handedly. The owner, Cheryl Moreo, and I partner in many ventures including fiber shows, online business, joint products, etc. as well as being best friends.

I have met most of the yarn crawl shop owners and find them dedicated, enthusiastic about the yarn shop industry and appreciative of their customers. Anytime I can promote local yarn shops, I jump at the chance. We don’t want to lose our local shops. Online shopping is great and I certainly do my fair share of it. However, online shopping can never replace the care, help, experience you get in your local.

I am sure I will be posting more about the crawl as it gets closer to July. For now though, mark these dates on your calendar and share this with your fiber friends!

Prepping for The Fiber Event

Fiber event prep

I’m prepping for The Fiber Event.

prepping for fiber event

Here are the details of the show:

The Fiber Event 2016
Celebrating 25 Years of Fiber
Friday, April 15, 2016 from 10:30 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday, April 16, 2016 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

FREE admission! FREE parking!

Putnam County Fairgrounds
Greencastle, Indiana

I always have this grand plan to be ready early so I don’t have to panic.

However, as usual, here it is the week before & I am definitely slipping into panic mode.

I finally switched to a bullet journal instead of my normal planner.  This seems to be working so much better for me. I can brain dump everything I can think of that needs to be done, then I can prioritize and group things together so I am not running back & forth between the computer, the printer and doing “all the stuff”.

This year Cheryl & I have a new layout and vision for our booth. The problem with that is we don’t know yet where our booth will be. The community building at the fairgrounds has been remodeled. The Fiber Event planning committee is re-working the booth layouts and have not yet told us where we will be located. So if you are attending, we may not be in our usual spot, but I am sure you will find us easily.

On to some of the products you will find in out booth this year.  I will have lots of new stitch markers, abacus, pinback buttons and magnets.

fiber event prep


I plan to demo bead weaving on a small portable loom so I will have bead kits for sale too. I am only taking a limited selection of coffee mugs & magic wrap skirts this year so buy early.  Cheryl has been dyeing yarn to take this year.  You will not believe all the beautiful spring & summer colors she has prepared.

fiber event prep

She is also taking spinning and weaving supplies as well as needles and hooks.

I could talk about this forever but….I really need to get to work!

Hope to see you at The Fiber Event!