Book Review – Curls by Hunter Hammersen

This month’s book review – Curls by Hunter Hammersen.


Curls – Versatile, Wearable Wraps to Knit at Any Gauge by Hunter Hammersen, Pantsville Press

“Do you:

~Love shawls but find them hard to wear?

~Struggle to get gauge?

~Have a stash full of special, single skeins?

Then Curls are just what you’ve been looking for!”

I was so intrigued by this concept that I knew I had to have the book!

I knew from Ms Hammersen’s Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet series that she does wonderful, unique patterns that are well written and a joy to knit.  When I read the tagline for this book, I was hooked.  I ordered the physical/digital combo.  Some books you know are going to be worth the shelf space.  This is one.

I am the queen of picking up single or double skeins of a yarn that just cries out to be in my stash.  Then too much of the time, they languish there waiting for the perfect pattern to come along.  The first time through this delightful book, my mind was racing pairing stash yarns with patterns.  I wanted to knit all 14 patterns….NOW. Talk about a bad case of startitis.

Curls is written as if the author is speaking directly to you.  She starts with giving some background on how the “Curl” came about. She covers the anatomy of the shape, hints & tips, an informative tutorial on charts & blocking, and a nice discussion on the flexibility of the Curl since it can be knit with any weight yarn and any size you wish to make. These designs can be knit as a cowl, scarf or a shawl.  The options are only limited by your desire …. and amount of yarn.

There are 14 patterns in the book.  Each is visually textural and the photography captures that perfectly.


The author gives a complete how-to on any unusual stitches used in the patterns.  There are distinct color-coded charts.  The patterns don’t lend themselves to written directions so that is not included. However, in the digital edition, there is a link to JC Briar’s Stitch Maps where you will find each pattern from Curls.  If you have never used Stitchmaps, you need to check it out.  Delightfully innovative concept.  I can see this taking the knitting world by storm.

I love the different styling of the Curls in the book.  What a nice touch to show other options for wearing than simply wrapped around the neck as shown above.

To sum up my review, I highly recommend Curls by Hunter Hammersen of Violently Domestic fame.  It is always wise to check for errata in published patterns.  There is currently no errata listed for this book, but you can check here to see if that changes.  Kudos to everyone involved in this endeavor.  Please look for a future post showing my progress on the first project I am making from this book, Sinopia in KnitCircus Pirouette.

I should mention in closing that….. There is a sequel! Watch for Curls 2 coming later this fall.






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