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August update…aka: Why I am not getting any fiber work done!

Today is going to be a great day! I am spending my day at The Fiber Closet in Rockville, IN.  I’m getting caught up on a few things in the studio.                                        Honest… It’s an organized mess! […]

The Reason I Have Been Absent from the Blog

I realize I have been missing in action from the blog. I should have posted a quick blurb explaining why ….. But I didn’t.  So what follows is the condensed version.   I Moved My Studio!!! I am now located in the back of  The Fiber Closet “The Yarn Shop on the Square” 120 S. […]

Baby Surprise Jacket Challenge

I work much better under pressure.  Otherwise, I tend to spend too much time on the internet, reading, dreaming or just generally wasting time.  So I created a nice little challenge for myself.  Let me start at the beginning. I made a sweet little blue & white with blue teddy bear buttons Baby Surprise Jacket […]