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5 Tips to Speed up your Knitting

5 Tips to Speed up your Knitting Do you need to speed up your knitting?  Many knitters are perfectly happy with the pace their knitting moves along. Others are always looking to tweak things to make them faster & more efficient. There are various reasons why you might be interested in at least knowing a […]

August update…aka: Why I am not getting any fiber work done!

Today is going to be a great day! I am spending my day at The Fiber Closet in Rockville, IN.  I’m getting caught up on a few things in the studio.                                        Honest… It’s an organized mess! […]

The Reason I Have Been Absent from the Blog

I realize I have been missing in action from the blog. I should have posted a quick blurb explaining why ….. But I didn’t.  So what follows is the condensed version.   I Moved My Studio!!! I am now located in the back of  The Fiber Closet “The Yarn Shop on the Square” 120 S. […]