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When I am on such a tight deadline….why oh why do I always suddenly find myself enthused about all the wrong things.  Instead of finishing the weaving projects I have going, the photos I need to get done for the patterns, the yarns that need dyed for the kits, etc.  I find myself suddenly obsessed with……….sock knitting […]

New Focus?

So, here’s the deal.  I seem to really suck at having to write about specific events. This is obvious by how much I didn’t write about over the summer. I could have told you all about the Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival, my daughters wedding & PhD ceremony, TNNA, family celebrations, the birth of a new […]

KnitCircus Spring Retreat 2012 – Day TWO

KnitCircus Spring Retreat 2012 – Day TWO Class time.  I was up & ready without out needing any alarms.  Isn’t that always the way it works? Upon registration we each received a scrumptious swag bag filled with goodies including yarn.  Woohoo! Who doesn’t love free yarn? Stephannie, Amy & Jaala First up was the Knitting […]