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Super Stealth

Just popping in to say hi!! Much more to follow later about the KnitCircus Spring Retreat in Madison, WI and the Fiber Event in Greencastle, IN.  For now I will just tell you that I had a wonderful time at both.  They deserve much more detail than I can give them today.  But, I promise to fill you […]

Part 2 Issues Plus Fun Pictures of Babies & Knitting

While writing this blog, I have found that I am really not very good at “Part 2”.  I have written several entries that I decided to break into separate posts.  As you may have noticed, I rarely get back to finish them up.  This also seems to be the way my mind works nowadays.   It moves […]

Ramblings…..Courtesy of Benadryl

It is the peak time for my allergies right now in the midwest.  Therefore,  I am on medication.  This causes some minor inconveniences to my life such as…..I can’t concentrate!!! As my mind wanders all over the place, I sometimes come up with good ideas.  Such as this example.  I think it turned out well. […]