Fear of…. Knitting Lace!

knitting lace

Do you have a fear of knitting lace?

I hear it all the time, “Oh, I could never knit lace”. I’m here to tell you, if you can knit……

You can knit lace!

Knitting lace is simply creating holes in your knitting…on purpose.  I’m sure that phrase strikes fear in the heart of many knitters. It brings back shuddering memories of the time you learned to knit and holes were the detested enemy. It’s time to put those yarn overs & knit 2 togethers to use and create a fabulous lace fabric.

knitting lace

A Few Keys to keep in mind:

  • Lace is simply yarn overs & knitting stitches together.
  • Lace does not have to be knit on tiny needles with fine yarn.
  • Stitch markers are your best friend.
  • Lifelines are named that for a reason.
  • Learn to read your knitting.
  • Any mistake you make can be fixed.



Follow along while this series on lace knitting takes you from novice to expert. There will be a new post every week to walk you through conquering your fears. Soon you will be knitting fabulous lace and be the envy of all your friends!


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