Finishing Lace Knitting

finishing lace knitting



Knitting Lace: Finishing

This is the final entry in the series of blog posts on overcoming your fear of knitting lace. If you have missed any of the posts, they can be found on my blog page at Gina Mitchell Designs.

In this series on overcoming your fear of lace, we have been working through the prep and the actual knitting. In today’s lesson we talk about the most important step. Finishing your work. Just because you have finished knitting….does NOT mean your project is finished!

Are you catching the theme here? You must finish your work. So let’s take a look at what “finishing” means in knitting lace.

  • Weave in your ends – I know lots of knitters don’t like this step but obviously you can’t wear your item with the loose ends dangling there to unravel.
  • Bath – Your item need a nice gentle bath. You will be amazed at how quickly your knitting picks up oils, dirt, etc while you are working on it. So always give it a quick soak in a lovely wool wash.
  • Block – All projects need to be blocked. It is just a fact of knitting. However, lace is the most important of all. You have invested so much time in placing those lovely yarn-overs into your knitting that you must block it to open them up and show them off! We touched on blocking in the previous post. It is truly the key to successfully knitting lace. Look at the difference blocking makes in your lace work. finishing knitting lace  finishing lace knitting Finishing Lace knitting

Once it is dry, you are ready to show off your project.  Be prepared to accept all the compliments & accolades on a job well done.

You may now call yourself a “Lace Knitter”!

Congratulations on tackling a new technique & overcoming your “Fear of Knitting Lace”.

If any of the steps gave you a bit of trouble, remember you can contact me to get the help you need.

Thank you for reading, if you would like to get the entire series in one pdf document, sign up below & you will have access to all the resources I make available.


**Pattern photos featured in this series**

Night Jasmine Hat by Gina Mitchell Designs

Summer Solstice Shawl by Wendy Johnson

Baah One Skein Shawl by Fickleknitter

Sinopia by Hunter Hammersen

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